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Terms and Conditions

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purposes. Before acting upon any advice provided the buyer should carry out their own due diligence and obtain

appropriate professional advice as required. makes no warranty or guarantee regarding earnings or typical earnings from the provisions of

services or advice offered.

The information contained in the program offered (including but not limited to any seminar content, manuals, CDs,

recordings, mp3s, teleseminars or other content in any format) is based on sources and information reasonably believed to

be accurate as of the time it was recorded or created. However, this material deals with topics that are constantly

changing and are subject to ongoing changes related to technology and the market place as well as legal and related

compliance issues. Therefore, the completeness and current accuracy of the materials cannot be guaranteed. These

materials do not constitute legal, compliance, financial, tax, accounting, or related advice.

The end user of this information should therefore use the contents of this program and the materials as a general

guideline and not as the ultimate source of current information and when appropriate the user should consult their own

legal, accounting or other advisors.

Any case studies, examples, illustrations cannot guarantee that the user will achieve similar results. In fact, your

results may vary significantly and factors such as your market, personal effort and many other circumstances may and will

cause results to vary.

The information provided in the product or service is sold and provided on an “as is” basis with the guarantee being

simply that if you follow the recommendations provided and do not achieve the stated results, you can get a refund within

the appropriate refund period. Those results are your responsibility as the end user of the product. In particular, we

shall not be liable to user or any other party for any damages, or costs, of any character including but not limited to

direct or indirect, consequential, special, incidental, or other costs or damages, in excess of the purchase price of the

product or services. These limitations may be affected by the laws of a particular jurisdiction and as such may be

applied in a different manner to a particular user.

For the avoidance of doubt the jurisdiction applied to these terms is those of the United Kingdom

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or access the product provided via our website. The product and all related materials should be returned immediately

(where the product has been psychically delivered) and all of the user’s money will be refunded. If the user does not

return the materials as provided under the guarantee, or continues to access the website where access to the product or

service is provided, the user will be deemed to have accepted the provisions of the disclaimer. Customer Service



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